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Don’t be shocked if over the next few month you notice changes in the tey’re planed improvements and beautifying. I’m a designer so things need to look good! Function over form as they say.

I update the blog so come back again! Thanks for spending some of your time here. =)

— Cyrus

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My latest journal entries.

    • Series: The Butterfly Effect
    • Journal Section: healing

    This past Monday I as one my regularly scheduled call with Charles. I had two issues. 1. confidence & uncertainty within myself 2. Why is trusting myself so difficult? I have been experiencing the world more and recently have been more positive and curiously exploring …continue

    • Series: The Butterfly Effect
    • Journal Section: healing

    I’m going to keep this real short because I said I was going to post something for the journal. I’m keeping my word! I also took the wrong meds which is a huge part of why I am up right now. Such a stupid thing to do, I really need to be more vigilant and responsible for my …continue