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I’m going to keep this real short because I said I was going to post something for the journal.

I’m keeping my word!

I also took the wrong meds which is a huge part of why I am up right now. Such a stupid thing to do, I really need to be more vigilant and responsible for my health. Now that I have taken the meds way to early I have now idea what sort of hell is going to break out in my head. I’ll survive the next 24, but it is going to be really frustrating.

On another note I start group today. I’m pretty excited to see the guys and I don’t want to walk in knowing I’m still struggling with the “same” things. Not that I have to impress them, but it’s to impress myself so that I can feel proud. I need to recognize as many wins as possible on my current state with myself.

This whole time I’m writing and haven’t mentioned what I’m ending. Its months, nay years in the big picture of me hiding myself from the online world even though I crave to have some digital land for myself to own ie. my website and portfolio.

— 0354 hours